1.7M USD


1.3M USD

Saved in user network fees

200k USD

Reliability and trust factors

Triangle 5 is built on amazing infrastructure and protocols to ensure our programs generate reliable and consistent returns and also provide trust to our investors. Some of these factors include but are not limited to:


Automation and decentralization

Tri5 automates its credit process which makes things faster and efficient, spreading power and earning streams to select decentralized protocols, ensuring fairness and transparency.


Protocols and architectures in-use

Tri5 employs select DeFi protocols and architectures to ensure consistent generation of passive income to our teeming investors. These protocols are hand-picked based on profit efficiency and earning reliability.


Revenue speeds

Tri5 earning sequence consistently earns investors 5% daily and investment breakeven in 20 days. In a brief 30-day cycle, the best rate of return splits 50% of the net profit, earning investors fantastic ROI on the go.


Responsive 24/7 support

Tri5 uses a state-of-the-art MX server that accepts and forwards investors emails to multiple customer representatives in real-time. There's also a live chat for prompt resolution of investors inquiries & challanges.

asked questions

Any person or corporation from any country can register an account with us and we will be glad to accept investors from anywhere in the world.

At the moment, we accept USDT and USDC on the Tron and BSC networks.

The minimum deposit amount is $10.

Your deposit investment will earn returns for 30 calendar days from the moment the deposit is added to your account.

You will receive 5% per day for the entire investment period of 30 calendar days. Net full cycle return is 50%, with no capital back. The revenue yields and the capital deposit are both included in your earnings, resulting in a 150% ROI. The full investment breakeven is 20 days.

To create a deposit, you must first register to open a Tri5 account. After registration, you can log in to your account using your email and password to deposit your first investment. Simply copy your preferred deposit address found in the app or scan the QRCode to send in your tokens and get your account credited.

Your account balance will be credited after the system detects the payment. Depending on the blockchain network, it will take 3 confirmations to credit this deposit. Sometimes it may take several hours for your investment to be displayed. In that case, check your account balance after some time.

Yes, you can receive payments in another currency, available at the withdrawal page.

No. Your initial investment (Earning Capital) is INCLUDED in your daily revenue, hence by the end of the 30 calendar days cycle, your investment is closed with no capital back. 5% daily for 30 calendar days (Monday to Sunday) equals 150% (50% net + 100% capital)

Click on the "Withdraw" button in the app and specify a payout amount. To withdraw your profit, you must set an external address to which you want to send your withdrawals. You can specify the details on the "Edit Address" page.

All withdrawal transactions are processed from 5 mins to 24 hours.

Your account balance will be credited with your first earning after 24 hours of your deposit and new accruals are added everyday. Earnings can be withdrawn at any convenient time. To do this, log in to your account, click "Withdraw" and confirm the amount you wish to withdraw.

You may request a withdrawal from the "available to withdraw" balance with a minimum withdrawal amount of $5.00. There is no maximum.

Yes, you can request payouts on weekends.

Anyone who signs up on the Tri5 website can join our optional referral program. A referral program is a set of financial opportunities created for active promoters who are ready to participate in the development of Tri5 and get a fair reward for it.

The referral commission / bonus is credited right after the system confirms and activates your referral's deposit.

Log in to your accounts dashboard to view the number of referrals you have attached to you. There are no affiliate pyramids or levels at this moment.

No, you will only get a commission or bonus on only the first deposit your referrals have made. There are no affiliate pyramids or levels at this moment.

No, you do not need to have an active investment if you want to start promoting the platform to earn a referral commission. You only need to register an account and sign up users with the system using your affiliate link.


Designed for ease of withdrawal

The Tri5 dashboard is structured for ease-of-use, access to daily stats and withdrawal.

  • Real time statistics

  • Daily withdrawal access

  • Daily credit and withdrawal updates

  • Multiple compounding and external withdrawal options